Windows, Mac, UNIX, at the end of the day, they all provide one thing – a solution to your needs. No Matter what platform you use, they all provide the services that allow you to concentrate on your business – NOT on the technology that drives your business.

Our expertise and experience has provided a look into how to do things the right way, the wrong way, the simple way and the complicated way.

Getting a business of the ground is hard work. Let alone having to constantly fix the technology that distracts you from your core business.
Our service offering is a simple, cost effective, reliable one that provides the following benefits.

  • A simple, “non technical” approach to help your business.
  • Technology that works – it’s that simple.
  • Windows, Mac or UNIX platforms that provide the services you need for your business.
  • One per hour rate – with no complications.
  • On site, telephone or remote support – 24 x7x364. (We take Christmas Day off).

What services do we provide?

Design, Implementation, Installation, Maintenance, and Support for:

  • Mac,Windows,UNIX and/or hybrid environments.
  • Mobile platforms (iPhone, Blackberry, Smart Phone, PDA’s etc).
  • Telephony systems (VoIP or Traditional).
  • Broadband (DSL, Wireless, Satellite).
  • Terrestrial Communications (Microwave, 3G, Satellite)
  • Fibre and optical network solutions.

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